Star-Tastic Gymnastics is a club running after-school classes across Surrey and Sussex.

Great gymnastics can be taught at any venue with good coaches that plan exciting, fun and challenging lessons.

Our aim is to teach our gymnasts a range of moves on the floor, vault, beam, trapeze, rings, wall bars and benches. Some moves can take months to learn but the overwhelming feeling of achievement when you complete something that has taken you a long time is sensational. It helps to show our children that it is not also best to have instant rewards, working hard over time to achieve an end goal can be fantastic and can make us feel great. 

Star-Tastic Gymnastics was set up by Head Coach Stacey Oliver:

"Gymnastics has always been my passion.

Coaching children and helping them to achieve their goals is the best job in the world. Star-Tastic Gymnastics school clubs started so we could offer every child the chance to get involved in gymnastics.

As a parent myself, I know busy life gets with having children. So by offering classes at venues and times that are convenient to both the parent and the child seemed like the perfect idea to bring gymnastics to more children!

My aim is to help my gymnasts achieve their goals and moves, support them in their first competition, praise them for doing well in class and badge work and push them a little when needed!"