Level 1 Gymnastics Coach

Level 1 Trampoline Coach

Paediatric First Aid

  Level 1 Safeguarding 

DBS Checked

Name : Alicia Gouveia

Role in Star-Tastic : Assistant Coach

How long have you been with Star-Tastic?  Since 2016

What is it you like about Gymnastics? : 


I love gymnastics, it’s an incredible , beautiful sport that allows people to express them selves in many ways ! To me, gymnastics allows individuals to gain confidence, achieve new skills and have fun all at the same time ! As a coach its an amazing feeling helping a gymnast gain confidence and succeed at challenging moves! 

Tell us about yourself : 

Outside of the gym I enjoy practising my own gymnastics moves and finding ways to improve my abilities whether it’s increasing my flexibility, making my moves neater or attempting new skills.


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