We are hosting a virtual competition with 7 different challenges and competitions for your gymnasts to get involved in.


Gymnasts can choose from the following competitions

• Floor – Floor Routines

• Floor – Rewind Category

• Floor – ‘All About The Twists Challenge’

• Beam – Routines

• Beam - Balance Challenges

• Mirror Challenge

• TikTok Challenge

More information on the competitions can be seen below or you can download the poster! 

Each entry is £7.00.

Competition entries close on the 31st July, and winners will be announced on the 2nd of August.

All winners (Gold,Silver.Bronze) will receive a medal in the post.


Show us your awesome, creative routines looking like you moves are 'played and then rewound'.

Example routines are:
1. Skip forwards, straight jump, star jump, star jump, straight jump, skip backward.

2. Forward roll, stand up, backwards roll. 3. Cartwheel forwards, cartwheel backwards.

4. Handstand forward roll, backwards roll to handstand. 5. Forwards walkover, backwards walkover.

*You can use these routines OR you can create your own!*



'All About The Twists' competition is based around what we have been working on in our zoom lessons, although the competition is open to everyone!



1. Half turn jump,
2. Forward roll, half turn jump,
3. Tuck rock to stand, half turn jump, 4. Half turn, backwards roll,
5. Handstand snap down, half turn jump,

6. Bridge kick over, half spin.


1. Handstand forward roll, half turn jump,
2. Half turn jump, backwards roll to front support, 3. Handstand half pirouette,
4. Dive roll, full turn jump,
5. Backwards walkover, half turn tuck jump,
6. Forward walkover, full spin.



1. Handstand full pirouette,
2. Handstand 1 and a half pirouette OR double pirouette,
3. Backwards walkover with a half pirouette,
4. Backwards walkover, backwards roll, handstand full pirouette, 5. Forwards walkover, forward roll, full turn tuck jump,
6. Back flic, half turn jump, dive roll, full turn jump.


Show us the amazing moves you've perfected through lockdown and make a routine!


Beginners: 5 element routine, must include 1 jump, 1 spin and 1 balance. Intermediate: 7 element routine, must include 1 jump, 1 spin and 1 balance. Advanced: 8 element routine, must include 1 jump, 1 spin and 1 balance.


This lockdown there have been some amazing fun gymnastics challenges going viral on TikTok, so we are challenging you to create the next viral TikTok gymnastics video. It's content can be completely up to you, it can be focused on conditioning, stretching, one move or include a little routine. As long as it is safe and fun, your options are endless!


Show us the amazing moves you've perfected through lockdown and make a routine on a beam (can be an actual beam or can even be a line on the floor!)


Beginners: 5 element routine, must include a handstand and a split jump/leap (no minimum split angle),
Intermediate: 7 element routine, must include a cartwheel and a split leap/jump, Advanced: 8 element routine, must include a mixed series (acro move, split/jump connection), and either a cartwheel element (cartwheel, cartwheel to handstand), a dive roll or a handstand forward roll.



- 1 foot balance challenge - how long can you stand on a 1 leg for?
- Body balance (e.g. v-sit, front support, planch) - how long can you balance like this for?
- On hands challenge - (e.g. handstand, straddle lever, cartwheel to handstand hold, crocodile) -

How long can you hold a balance like this for?
Send us your videos of the hardest balance you can do (safely). We will split entries

into the three categories above (1 foot, body balance & on hands challenge).



Our family mirror challenge is a perfect opportunity for you to see how well you could learn one of your gymnast's routine. Pick from a floor or beam routine of 4 moves (any moves you can both do safely) and with your gymnast show us how well you can perform the routine together as if you were a mirror image of each other. Get your whole family involved;

parents, siblings etc (new entry per video).

Entries will be judged on the neatness of the moves and how much your video looks like it is a mirror image (synchronised timings, shapes etc).