The Social Distancing Policy of Star-Tastic Gymnastics Club is to be adopted while the restrictions of the Coronavirus remain in place. It applies to anyone coming into the workplace in any capacity, including employees at all levels. It has been created to ensure, so far as it is reasonably practicable, that work will be carried out in our workplace with a commitment to protecting everyone who comes onto the premises.

This policy has the full support of the Director, Managers and all coaches.

In implementing this commitment to manage social distancing properly we will:


  1. Carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment. Before restarting work on a site we will ensure the safety of the workplace by carrying out a risk assessment and letting our employees know the results of the risk assessment.

  2. Encourage employees to work at home wherever possible and only bringing in coaches that are absolutely required.

  3. Encourage employees to walk to work where possible and provide additional parking areas for bikes to allow more employees to cycle to work. There is lots of parking on site so coaches should park further away from the sports hall and attempt to leave a space between cars.

  4. Employees should not use public transport where possible to minimise their risk of infection.

  5. Stagger arrival and leaving times into 15 minute blocks and provide floor markings, so that employees and gymnasts maintain a 2-metre distance when entering the building if arriving

    around the same time as others. (We will be providing hand-sanitiser open entry and exit)

  6. Use clear signage to ensure parents and gymnasts follow the same procedure as employees,

    after entering the door.

  7. We will enter via our usual door but the exit will be the back fire exit doors for collection at

    the end of classes.

  8. Gymnasts will move through the hall one way and will not return to the front of the hall.

  9. There will be sections in the gym which will move every 15 minutes following distancing


  10. Use signage to remind employees and visitors of social distancing guidance. Introduce a safe walking route consisting of a one-way system around the corridors and sports hall floor area and ensure employees and gymnasts workstations are sited at least 2 metres away from the walking route.