If you start to feel unwell with symptoms that could be Coronavirus – such as a high temperature, continual coughing or a sudden loss of taste or smell do not come to work. Instead follow the guidance below.

If you have come into work and then start to feel unwell with symptoms that could be Coronavirus – such as a high temperature, continual coughing or a sudden loss of taste or smell then you should:

  1. Collect your belongings and go home as quickly as possible. Use the most direct route, staying as far from other people as you can. Try not to touch anything.

  2. As soon as you’re out of the building and away from other people, use your mobile to contact your manager and tell them that you think you may have the Coronavirus.

  3. Your manager will want to know who you’ve spoken to and which bubble you have been coaching. These parents will need to be notified.

  4. Your manager will also want to know which areas of the workplace you’ve been into. They will need all surfaces in all these areas and anything you may have touched to be cleaned and disinfected. This will include high contact areas, such as washrooms.

  5. The current advice for people who think they may have Coronavirus (26th May 2020) is that you should NOT go to your doctors or to a hospital. You should go online and check the current government guidance or use the NHS 111 Online Coronavirus Service for advice. The current advice is to stay at home and self-isolate for 7 days.

  6. After 7 days you can stop self-isolating if your symptoms have gone, or if you just have a cough or changes to your sense of smell or taste – these symptoms can last for weeks after the infection has gone.

  7. You’ll need to keep self-isolating if you have any other symptoms (such as a high temperature, runny nose, feeling sick or diarrhoea). You shouldn’t stop self-isolating until these symptoms have gone.

  8.  You’ll need to keep your manager updated on how you are and what you’ve been advised to do.

  9. Your manager will inform your colleagues. If any of your colleagues feel there’s a chance that they may have been near you or potentially infected they will need to self-isolate for 14 days (because it can take 14 days for symptoms to appear). If the symptoms appear within these 14 days, they will then need to self-isolate for 7 days from the appearance of the symptoms.

  10. Don’t forget that symptoms such as a high temperature or coughing could be for something other than Coronavirus, but it’s best to be on the safe side

  11. Anyone showing symptoms of Covid -19 will be stopped from training and sent home immediately and parents from that bubble group will be advised. We record registers with dates and times and interactions for our Bubble Groups in line with the NHS National Track and Trace Programme. If you suspect you may have Covid-19 you must follow the guidance on the NHS website and request a test which will then begin the track and trace process and you must fully adhere to NHS guidance.