We plan to do this in 5 phases which are detailed below and 
by adopting this approach, we will stay within the government social distancing requirements and the following information has been added to our risk assessments
and all staff have been sent and are aware of this new risk assessment. 

Please take time to read this and please get your gymnasts to read or if you can tell them what their responsibilities will be.

General Cleaning

  • Full Clean of equipment every Friday before training begins and again once all sessions have ended. 

  • Toilets, Reception area to be cleaned and disinfected (all door handles, door frames, floor and all areas in the toilets) every hour on the hour and at the beginning and end of sessions. 

  • Coaches on arrival to disinfect all equipment before use and then in between pieces as shown under headings coaches’ responsibility and gymnast responsibility


  • Must sanitise hands on arrival and departure

  • Must use hand sanitiser regularly (will be provided)

  • When gymnasts arrive in their bubbles coaches must check with parents that they have not had any symptoms or been feeling unwell

  • Must maintain social distancing - 2 metres away from gymnasts at all times

  • Set up team must sanitise all areas in reception area, toilets, office desks with anti-viral wipes (will be provided)

  • Set up team must sanitise all equipment that gymnasts will use (will be provided)

  • Temperature of coaches must be taken at the beginning of the session

  • Set Down Team must wipe down all surfaces in gym, high touch area and toilets

  • If for any reason a coach must make physical contact with a child for First Aid or other essential reasons then they must wear a mask and Gloves they need to throw those away once used remembering to wash or sanitising their hands before and after.

  • Before each new rotation bubble coaches must use a hand sanitiser.


  • On arrival gymnasts must wait to enter observing 2 metre social distancing and they will enter the gym 1 at a time where coaches will check that they have not had any symptoms.

  • Gymnasts will leave personal items along the wall and each gymnast will have their own spot. Only Jumper / Jacket, Water and shoes. No bags or personal items please.

  • Must be separated and work individually on pieces of apparatus and mats (2m).

  • Before each new rotation bubble gymnasts must use a hand sanitiser

  • Gymnasts must wipe down the surfaces they have used. Coaches will instruct where necessary.

  • On floor gymnasts can only do choreography and non-supported moves and they must sanitise their hands before each routine and after each go (sanitiser supplied).

  • On tumble track gymnasts must sanitise hands before each go, and they can only tumble on to mats and vault surfaces that can be wiped and cleaned after each go.

  • At the end of the session the gymnasts will line up by the emergency fire exit door in the toilets / stairs corridor, observing 2 metre social distancing the coach will stand at the emergency door and when parent arrives gymnast will be called.

  • Gymnasts for the next session will only enter via the front door and must not enter until the group before have all left.

  • Gymnasts must not share water bottles, food, chalk, sweatbands, grips etc


  • If there is a group already training and parents and gymnasts are early they must wait in their cars or outside of the building maintaining social distancing (2 metres)

  • Only one gymnast must enter at a time through the reception area of gym.

  • The others must wait until asked to enter by the coach while they are waiting to enter, please observe social distancing rules (2 metres)

  • As Gymnasts enter they will be asked how they are feeling and if they have well. If they have had a temperature, cough, loss of sense of taste or smell or have been generally unwell that week they will not be able to train. Please help us keep everyone safe and well.

  • No viewing or waiting will be allowed except for 1-1 training or if agreed with coach prior to training. Any parent that must stay due to exceptional circumstances must clean their chair and any fixtures and fittings that they have used (wipes will be provided)

  • Anyone showing symptoms of Covid -19 will be stopped from training and sent home immediately and parents from that bubble group will be advised. We record registers with dates and times and interactions for our Bubble Groups in line with the NHS National Track and Trace Programme. If you suspect you may have Covid-19 you must follow the guidance on the NHS website and request a test which will then begin the track and trace process and you must fully adhere to NHS guidance.