10 Ways Gymnastics Benefits for Young Children!

The benefits of gymnastics for young children are truly amazing! As you are well aware they are extremely impressionable and energetic! It really is the best time to teach them healthy and social behaviors that can help shape the rest of their lives.

Here are 10 great reasons you that you should look into gymnastics classes for your child:

1. It helps to develop cognitive skills

Learning different gymnastics moves and routines requires not only the body but the mind as well! Both sides of their brains has to work together and so helping to improve their spatial awareness.

2. Develops strong and healthy bones.

As gymnastics is a weight bearing activity, it helps to develop strong, healthy bones. By starting this at an earlier stage in their lives you can help reduce the chances of osteoporosis later in life and also serves to help prevent broken bones as they grow! An added bonus when on the playground and playing sports!

3. Aids strength development.

Along with the development of strong and healthy bones, your child will build up their total body strength as well. By performing the body strengthening exercises that gymnastics requires, your child will build up their upper body, lower body, and overall core strength.

4. Increased coordination.

By regularly practicing alignment skills such as well standing, walking and jumping through fun exercises, your child's coordination will improve helping them to be less clumsy (we hope) and also helping them in the future with other sports.

5. Improved flexibility

Gymnastics is all about flexibility. When you increase your flexibility, you decrease your chances of injury. Being super-flexible as a child will often carry forward with them later into life. This can help support proper body posture as they age, which will deter back and spine problems.

6. Meet their daily exercise needs.

The UK Government recommend that children get at least 60 minutes every day of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity and Three days a week should include vigorous intensity activities that strengthen muscle and bone. Participation in a gymnastics class will ensure this!

Furthermore, they will want to practice their gymnastic skills on off-days, so they can still meet their daily exercise needs then as well!

7. Prevent Diseases

Sports like gymnastics aid in disease prevention by promoting and maintaining a strong and healthy body. This is the key to preventing diseases later in life such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, cancer ─ among others. By teaching your child healthy behaviours early in life, they will more likely keep these habits later in life.

8. Gymnastics Helps To Create Discipline!

Gymnastic classes will help provide discipline and self-control for your child.

Learning discipline and self-control are both valuable skills to take with you into life. When a child learns discipline and self-control at an early age, they learn to work with others, work by themselves, to stay on task and to accomplish tasks. Childnre who learn these skills will use them in school, the workplace and in almost every social setting they will ever find themselves in.

9. Increases self-esteem!

Gymnastics is a sport of self-control and mastering self-control ultimately leads to improved self-esteem. Learning and successfully completing a gymnastics routine or move creates the sense of accomplishment, which in turn supports self-esteem. Your child will learn from an early age that hard work and practice pays off – key life skills!

10. It’s Fun!

Your child will really enjoy being part of a gymnastics class. They will improve their social skills by interacting with their class and coaches. And they will get some great exercise at the same time!

Finding activities that are fun, hold your child’s attention and are healthy is a difficult task but we have some classes which are perfect for you!

Mini Stars - A combined Gymnastics and Trampolining class for preschoolers.

Saturdays 9am - 10am at Rosebery School, Epsom

Little Stars - Beginners level gymnastics class for school aged children. We will work on variety of equipment such as floor, beam, vault and springboard.

Tuesdays 5pm - 6pm at Rosebery School, Epsom

Fridays 4.30pm - 5.30pm at Rosebery School, Epsom

Saturdays 10am - 11am at Rosebery School, Epsom

If you would like to book a trial class or get more information on these classes then send us an email on or call us 07896431885.

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