New Online Timetable!

We are now 4 days into Lockdown 2.0 and are already up and running with our online Zoom classes.

We are happy to be running Gymnastics, Parkour, Trampolining and Conditioning classes 4 days a week until we are able to get back into the gym with you all!

If you are existing member then you would have automatically received the information with regards to the classes including all the Zoom log-ins (you can attend as many classes as you like!) but if you are not currently a member then it is possible to access to our online classes for only £22.50 per month!

Our Full Timetable for this week is :


4.30pm - Mini and Little Stars

5pm - Internal Beam Competition Dance Moves

5.30pm - Rising and Shining Stars

6pm - Conditioning for Everyone

6.30pm - Squads


4.30pm - Cartwheels and Handstands

5pm - Parkour

5.30pm - Conditioning for Everyone


4.30pm - Mini and Little Stars 5pm - Rising and Shining Stars

5.30pm - All Squads

6pm - Elite Squads

6.30pm - Scavenger Hunt and Quiz


9.30pm - Mini Stars

10am - Little Stars

10.30am - Rising and Shining Stars

11am - Trampolining

11.30am - All Squads

12pm - Elite Squads

If you would like more information or to get enrolled, please email us on or call on 07896 431 885

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