Stay Safe Online!

Many of us spend a LOT of time online now and it is not surprising that our children (especially our teens and pre-teens) are spending more and more time online as well.

Here at Star-Tastic Gymnastics it is so important for everyone to stay safe online and so we have put together so tips:

1. STAY SAFE online by not sharing any personal information - Always check your privacy settings on your social media and NEVER share personal information.

2. Do not MEET anyone who you have only become friends with online - Meeting someone who you have only got to know online as it could dangerous as they are still strangers and may not be who they say they are.

3. Do not ACCEPT message and friends requests from people you don't know - messages may contain viruses.

4. Not everything online is RELIABLE - there can be false information online. So make sure you are you using reliable sources.

5. TELL an adult you trust if anything happens online that you don't like - you can log off at any time if you feel uncomfortable or suspicious.

Also BE SMART - don't say anything online that you wouldn't say in person and also make sure to BE KIND

E - Safety Poster
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