In July 2019 20 of our most promising gymnasts travelled to Nashville, Tennessee to compete in the 2019 IAIGC (International Association of International Gymnastics Clubs) World Championships. We have gymnasts competing in all the disciplines of Floor, Vault, Bar and Beam. They did us so proud and performed some beautiful gymnastics and achieved so much. There was stiff competition from gymnasts from the USA, South Africa, Canada, Australia and Germany to name a few. 

We are so proud that we came back with 1 Gold, 4 Silvers and 6 Bronzes along with a number of other Top 10 finishes. 

Results were as follows: 

Copper 1





10 Years:

Vault: Lucia A - 6th; Lucia DB - 10th

Bars: Lucia A - 5th; Lucia DB - 9th

Floor: Jess M - 7th 

All Round: Jess M - 14th; Lucia DB - 15th; Lucia A - 16th 

13 Years:

Vault: Layla AS - 2nd 🥈 

Bars: Layla AS - 4th

Beam: Layla AS - 4th

Floor: Layla AS - 3rd 🥉

All Round: Layla AS - 4th 

Copper 2 



10 Years:

Vault: Lucia A - 7th

Bars: Lucia DB 10th

 11 Years:

Vault: Maya - 2nd 🥈

All Round: Maya - 16th; Suzanna - 20th; Tanaka - 25th; Lola - 34th; Lauren 36th

12 Years: 

Beam: Sophie - 3rd 🥉 

Bar: Sophie - 7th 

All Round:  Naomi - 17th; Isadora - 18th

13/14 Years:

Vault: Sam - 3rd 🥉

Bars: Grace C - 4th 

All Round: Sam - 5th; Jazz - 6th; Jas - 7th; Grace - 9th; Layla - 12th 

15 Years: 

Bar: Niamh - 3rd 🥉

Beam : Niamh - 3rd 🥉

Vault: Niamh - 3rd 🥉

Floor: Niamh - 2nd 🥈

All Round: Niamh - 3rd 🥉


Qualified for Finals:

Floor: Jas C; Bicks

Vault: Liberty; Bicks; Sam

Beam: Bicks

All Round: Liberty - 6th; Bicks - 7th

Beam: Bicks - 1st 🥇

Floor: Jas - Joint 3rd 🥉

Vault: Sam - 3rd 🥉 

Floor: Bicks - 4th 








Floor: Jane - 10th

Vault: Liberty - 3rd 🥉

 Thank you to the Head Coaches Stacey, Kirsty, Emily and Caroline for guiding the girls on their journey. We would also like to the thank all the girls parents for the support (emotional and financially) to help these girls achieve their dreams. 

Over late 2019 and early 2020 out gymnasts will be training hard to ensure that they qualify for the 2020 IAIGC World Championships in Orlando, Florida!